Mental and Physical reTREAT!

My son and I came for a two-night stay to attend a wedding at the Old Miller Farm, right down the road from this enchanting B&B. The setting could not have been more perfect, with the background of the glorious and grand Mt. Hood presiding over us, the movement of the sun helping him change his colors and mood throughout the day, each one more beautiful and intriguing as the next. To my delight, I discovered THE SWING on the porch of the B&B and was immediately wisked back to my childhood on my grandparent’s porch, where the only care in the world was wondering when the blueberry buckle would be ready to eat! It was so peaceful and relaxing I found myself asleep on the swing within minutes, drool hanging from my lips-whether it was from sleep or from anticipation of the upcoming treat, I am not sure :-). If anyone needs a break from the stress of life and wants a physical or mental recharge,come stay at an Inn in the Mt. Hood area. My recommendation is the Old Parkdale Inn-those two days felt like a week long stress free vacation! Thank you, Mary (the owner)for providing such a wonderful memory.
–L.S., Monroe, WA
OBBG Member Visited: Old Parkdale Inn