A very “GREEN” vacation!

We love being “green!”  We love preserving our natural resources, we love the word, “sustainable” and we love experiencing all of this in the natural beauty that surrounds each of us living in or visiting the great “green” state of Oregon!

Not only are we on the forefront of all that exudes “green,” we are and have been the example to the rest of the country that if you wanna be green, you have to learn from the best!  Riding our bikes, using public transportation, conserving, recycling, you name it, we are doing it, re-creating it or sharing it!

And, for some of us, we love “experiencing” being green too!  Filling our “re-usable” water bottles with our perfect tap water, we headed out for our hiking adventure on a trail near Mary’s Peak!  About 20 miles out of Philomath near Corvallis is where we began our trek yesterday.

We only had a few hours before our guests were arriving so we headed out and up the trail to Mary’s Peak by noon!  It was a gorgeous day but all I could think about was getting my exercise in and getting as far as possible up the trail before heading back down.  Taking a few people “new to
Oregon” with us, was exciting.  We love showing off this awesome place and couldn’t wait to start walking.  About half way through our walk, someone said, “wow…this place is really green!”  I almost laughed cause if I had a dollar for every time someone said that to me…well…you know how that goes.  But hearing again those words, I had to slow down and take it all in!  I looked
up and saw the magnificant trees stretching toward the sun.  I saw each wild flower and thought about how perfect each petal is.  I saw water falls, I stepped over the biggest slug I have ever seen and sat long enough to watch a spider weave her web.

Over two hours later and still not sure how far we got up the mountain, but we met some great people on the trail, pet some nice dogs and will take more time next trip to make it to the “peak!”

If you are visiting Oregon and want a true “green” experience, check out our trails!  Pack your camel packs, your lunch and your sun screen and get your hiking boots and get going!

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers and experience Oregon’s green!

See you on the trail!