Culinary Tourism in Strata!

Googling the word, “strata,” I found that it can mean many things.  A geological formation, the former name of a rock band, it’s a recipe and a name of a company!  I’m not sure why this recipe is named “Strata” except that in this photograph, you can kind of see why perhaps because of the way it rises as it’s squeezed out of it’s perfect boundaries while baking.

This is a very easy recipe and again one of those we have twisted around, added to and played with till we got it right.  Simple, delicious, easy and can be made on a whim!  The perfect breakfast for one or many if multiplied!

My Personal Strata!

-cube 2 slices of any kind of bread.  We love using two different kinds of breads.  A rye and whole grain perhaps, or a sour dough and honey wheat!

-spray a single serving ramekin or small baking dish with olive oil

-lay cubed bread in the dish and up the sides as much as possible

-whip 3 eggs, some basil, a few pepper flakes, salt and pepper and a little milk.  Pour mixture over cubed bread

-sprinkle with chopped onion, cooked turkey bacon or Peppered Canadian Bacon and a little jack cheese with a bit of diced tomato

-Bake at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes

This Strata can be prepared the night before and baked in the morning.  This will give the bread enough time to soak in the egg mixture!

And…depending on the season, change it up!  I love going to my garden and getting some Thai Basil or fresh tomatoes to use as well as using local cheese’s when I have them on hand.  Sweet corn is a nice addition too!

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See you soon!