OMSI Presents Innovative Solar Canopy Charging Station

Through a collaborative effort from the SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), InSpec Group (InSpec), and Portland General Electric (PGE), the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) has installed a solar canopy charging station to service electric cars, e-bikes, and most portable personal electronic devices. The solar charging canopy marks the first such installation in North America aiming to provide a solution for the increasing use of alternative transportation and punctuates the fact that both Portland and Oregon are in the forefront of integration green building, transportation, and renewable energy.  The canopy is now available for public use.

The solar canopy has been installed in the OMSI’s south parking lot and is large enough to cover 3 standard-sized parking spaces for automobiles.  It features weatherproof lockers, each with 120V AC outlets, with two of the lockers serving as charging mounts for the SANYO ‘eneloop bike’ Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle, a pedal-assisted hybrid electric bike.  Additionally, beneath the canopy there is a bicycle rack for bike parking.  The solar panels in the solar canopy have been manufactured and assembled using the ingots and wafers produced in SANYO Solar of Oregon, LLC, located in Salem, Oregon.

WildSpring Guest Habitat, a Green Certified Inn of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild

Sixteen inns of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild have obtained their Green Lodging Certification with more in the process.  We, along with Portland, are committed to providing eco-friendly travel to our guests visiting Oregon.  Plan your green vacation today and know you will certainly have a place to recharge your body, soul and electronic devices!