An Oregon Bed & Breakfast and Wine Country by Horseback!

Growing up around horses didn’t prepare me for this ride!  Wanting to find something fun to do in the Willamette Valley that involved wine tasting, a horse and a beautiful ride through those gorgeous vineyards led me to discover “Equestrian Wine Tours!”

Seeing those black mares waiting for us as we pulled up to begin our tour, got me itchin’ to climb up and get going!  The ride through the vineyards of the Willamette Valley on this unique tour was not only exciting but the perfect way to see and experience wine country.

The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild has several membership inns in the Willamette Valley!  They can be found among some of the most gorgeous vineyards in the world.  Amongst the
Pinot Noir grapes that just happened to be surrounding us throughout our entire ride, you can find the most perfect setting for that getaway, that rest and all the best places to wine taste.

Jake was our guide as we rode Lacy and Rave through the vineyards yesterday.  The saddle bags filled up with wine that we couldn’t resist from wineries such as “Winter’s Hill Vineyard” and “White Rose Wines!”  And have I mentioned that I love this inn keeping gig?…got invited to a spring opening party that his held by “Winter’s Hill” every year and it’s for innkeepers only!

Whether you want to get in the saddle or enjoy the wine ride in the horse drawn carriage, check out “Equestrian Wine Tours!”  Remember there is plenty of room in those saddle bags, the pours are generous and the ride…sweet!