What I like about bed and breakfasts in Oregon (Doily Decision 2012)









Hey sports fans–do you like an Oregon bed and breakfast of the traditional type with doilies on the nightstands?  Or are you the type of traveler to prefer your bed and breakfast lodging be doily-free?  Well, here's your chance to let us Oregon innkeepers know.

The Professional Association of Innkeepers International (affectionately known as PAII and pronounce as "pie") is holding a vote: DOILY DECISION 2012.  We need to hear from you, the guests who stay in our Oregon bed and breakfasts. Tell us your preference!  Register your vote! (Oh, and by the way, when you vote, you might wind up winning an opportunity to stay at a likeminded inn.)

Are you the type that jumps for joy when you see your lodging without lace?  Are you outraged at the thought of a bed and breakfast without the traditional touch?  Check out this video and see which way your blood boils:

From the McMinnville Oregon bed and breakfast to the Astoria Oregon bed and breakfast to the far reaches of Eastern Oregon and Crater Lake, you'll find quality inns of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild.  Let you hosts know how you voted in Doily Decision!