CNN Travel Recognizes Crater Lake in Oregon as a 2014 Must See But Where to Stay?

Thinking about where to travel for your 2014 vacation?  CNN Travel released an article today about the deepest, longest, tallest, etc., record-setting place to visit in the US. Feature writer Helyn Trickey Bradley distilled the wonders of the United States into 10 superlatives for 2014.  Two are located in Oregon:  Crater Lake and Hells Canyon: Oregon geotourism at its finest!

Helyn writes about the deepest lake in America (and I just love this):  “Looking to be gobsmacked by nature? Visit Crater Lake in south-central Oregon.”  How’s that for a lead in to Crater Lake?  You can read more of her article here.

Of course Crater Lake is incredible.  And if you want to visit in the off-season when the Crater Lake Lodge is not open you’ll need to do some additional planning. Or even during the “season” (which sometimes doesn’t really get going until July because of all the snow), you might need somewhere else to stay than the rim of Crater Lake.

The Prospect Historic Hotel, Motel & Dinner House is your closest Crater Lake lodging when the Lodge itself is not yet open.  Located only 28 miles from the Crater Lake National Park, the Prospect Historic Hotel is also only a quarter-mile from the Rogue River and walking distance to many waterfalls with opportunities for hiking, bicycling, and other outdoor pursuits.  If you need more convincing, read what Ask Oregon expert Debbie Lusk had to say about her trip to Crater Lake and her stay at the Prospect Historic Hotel.