Oregon Innkeepers get some Much Needed R, R & R

Although we are surrounded by charming guests, sometimes 365 days a year, Oregon Innkeepers tend to live isolated lives when it comes to our industry.  We live in our own little worlds doing all the things we need to do to provide quality accommodations to the traveler.  We’re marketing engineers: we research the best ways to market our properties and then we implement. We’re concierges: we communicate with our guests, we’re travel experts, we manage reservations.  We shop then prepare menus and meals while keeping an immaculate home.  We tend to our gardens and sometimes our ranches.  And then we do it all again.  Because we love what we do.

  1. This week was the Annual Meeting and Conference of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild.  An opportunity for Innkeepers to get away from their inns and participate in Networking and Educational Workshops and conversations with other Innkeepers.

We had one day of Internet Intensives: tips and how-tos on building a better online presence and improving our bottom line: how to apply yield management strategies; and top trend in technology and travel.  Other workshops and presentations included:

  • Exploring Prominent topics, testing tools and guidelines to provide a positive Mobile and Desktop presence
  • Creating interesting blog posts and optimizing content for far reaching web distribution
  • Working with International Travel Agencies to bring International Travelers to Discover America
  • Implementing Web-based tools
  • The Sharing Economy is here to stay
  • Vendor show with businesses providing industry products

These Industry tools are indispensable but so much more invaluable is the Networking that occurs when Innkeepers get together.  The highlight of our Conference was time spent at Willamette Valley Vineyards with a winery tour, wine tasting, and a delicious dinner.  Time to gather around and relax.  R, R & R?  Rest. Relaxation. Rejuvenation.  Now back to work, implementing the tools of the trade.