Astoria Oregon

Astoria Oregon and the Northern Oregon Coast

Astoria Oregon and the Northern Oregon

Astoria, Oregon is where we spent the morning of the last day on our Oregon to California to Oregon Coast and home again Road Trip, traveling the entire 365 miles north on the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.   Having been on the road for two weeks we only spent a couple of hours as we really needed to get home.  Not nearly enough time, so we’ll plan another trip to just this North Western tip of Oregon.  Maybe next time we’ll stay at an Astoria member inn of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild.

AstoriaThe trip up the coast had been a pretty blustery, rainy one so it was nice to have a crystal clear, calm day to explore.   On a day like this a trip to the Astoria Column is a must.  Sitting 600′ above sea level, high on Coxcomb Hill, the column was dedicated on July 22, 1926.  The hand-painted spiral frieze rising up the column commemorates the historic events that transpired at the mouth of the Columbia River, from the beginning with its discovery and ending with the arrival of the railroad.  While it’s a bit of a challenge you’ll want to climb the 164-step spiral staircase within to the observation deck for amazing views of Astoria, Young’s Bay, the Coast Range, the mighty Columbia River, and in the distance, on a clear and calm day like we had, the Pacific Ocean. After lunch at the Fort George Brewery, a walk on the pier, geocaching in a Pioneer cemetery and we headed east toward home.  We will be back.

Did you know: The Columbia River is the second largest river, by volume, in the U.S.  It is also said to be one of the most dangerous river bars in the world.  Where the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean come together, waves can reach up to 30′. There are about 20 Columbia River Bar Pilots based in Astoria that work day and night to assist ships cross the bar safely. These pilots have to actually memorize this whole area as to safely pilot large ships up to 1000′ and even nuclear submarines in and out of the bar area. An important and dangerous job these pilots have.

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