windmills of sherman county

Windmills of Sherman County Meets Wheatfields Meets Geological Wonderment

Windmills of Sherman County GC1X205

The Windmills of Sherman County, GC1X205, is a geocache with expansive views of Oregon’s Windfarms.  Head east on I-84 out of Portland, through the Columbia River Gorge, where the spectacular river canyon opens up to the rolling high desert wheat fields of the Columbia Basin.  It is stunning, big skies and vast views.  Rock formations left over from the Ice Age Missoula Floods, floods that shaped the landscape and the Columbia River Gorge.  And wind, sometimes gentle but often times strong.  The perfect place for hundreds of wind turbines.  Oregon’s goal:  to capture 20% of our energy needs from the wind.

Traveling south off the Interstate into the heart of Oregon, along the John Day River, be sure to explore the three units of the John Day Fossil Bed National Monument.   Take a Journey through Time on a scenic byway into ancient Oregon where paleontological research is ongoing.  Millions of years ago the west coast states, Oregon, Washington, and California were sea beds and the fossils discovered throughout the monument are evidence to that.

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