Three Sleeps Labyrinth

Three Sleeps Vineyard Bed and Breakfast and Dominio IV Winery

Guest Blogger: Liz Bartholomew, innkeeper, Three Sleeps B&B

‘In 2002 we planted about 8 acres of vineyard on our Mosier, Oregon property.  We grow mainly syrah, tempranillo and viognier.  Our labyrinth has 5 varietals, syrah, tempranillo, petite verdot, cab franc and malbec.  They labyrinth grapes are fermented together to make, what is called, a field blend.  Guests at the bed and breakfast are encouraged to walk the Labyrinth.

‘Our winery and tasting room, Dominio IV in Carlton, Oregon, is owned by our daughter and son-in-law, Leigh Bartholomew and Patrick Reuter. We’ve been selected as a 2018 International Pinot Noir Celebration – IPNC – Featured Winery!   Dominio is Latin for feast and Spanish for territory or dominion.  The IV refers to four people, four seasons, four climates and four quadrants of the labyrinth.   We farm our grapes organically.  We truck our grapes from here to Carlton where all the wine is made.   We do purchase other grapes that we don’t grow, mainly Pinot Noir.  However, Leigh and Patrick have just planted some Pinot at their property in Carlton.

‘Our home was built 2007 and 2008 on our vineyard property.  We didn’t start out thinking B and B but it evolved into that as we were building. Three Sleeps Bed and Breakfast opened in 2010 using our two extra rooms originally designed for and still used periodically for our daughters and their families.   They each have their own bathroom, sitting area and outdoor patio.”

On a side note, I might add, as the creator of this blog post, that I’ve always been fascinated how Three Sleeps got its name:  It is reported that when the Lewis and Clark expedition came to the area of the Columbia River that is now Mosier in 1805, they asked the local Native Americans how far it was to the Pacific Ocean. The answer: “Three Sleeps”.

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