may is oregon wine month

May is Oregon Wine Month ~ Celebrate Oregon’s Beloved Industry

May is Oregon Wine Month!   Willamette Valley Wines writes  “We celebrate Willamette Valley all year round, but especially during Oregon Wine Month,  when the entire state joins in commemoration of our beloved industry for the month of May,  offering special activities, tastings and promotions for the enjoyment of Oregon Wine.”

To celebrate Oregon Wine Month in May, wineries around the state come together to host collaborative events.  These events offer unique opportunities to taste and experience a variety of producers with ease, and to gain a deeper understanding of the variances and specialties of many of Oregon’s diverse micro-climates.  Some of these events are one-time affairs, some ongoing.

Less than 60 miles east of Portland, Oregon, the Columbia Gorge AVA includes land surrounding the Columbia River,  with vineyards and wineries in both Oregon and Washington.  Due to the unique climate and geography found in The Gorge, this AVA exhibits a wide range of micro climates in a relatively small region.  The innkeepers of the Columbia Gorge Region invite you to experience “A World of Wine in 40 Miles’

The Willamette Valley extends from Portland south to Eugene, and from the Coast Range to the Cascades.  There are currently 316 wineries in the Valley and as many vineyards.  Willamette Valley innkeepers can point you in the right direction.

Southern Oregon’s latitude and prevailing oceanic winds create a 7 month growing season that uniquely creates an ideal place to grow wine grapes.  Southern Oregon Winery Association and our Southern Oregon Inn invites you to tour the 5 regions of Southern Oregon with over 150 wineries.

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