5 Reasons We love Geocaching In Oregon

5 Reasons We Love Geocaching in Oregon

Geocaching in Oregon is nothing new as the game started here.  On May 3 this game, once known as the “Great American GPS Stash Hunt’, celebrates it’s 17th birthday with now over 3 million hides world wide.  A little history lesson here, the full version can be read on the Geocaching.com website where I pulled this information.

  1. You’ll find that discovery, exploration and adventure still exist in the real-world. It gets you out and about!
  2.  It’s a great way to stay healthy while having fun
  3.  Many of our innkeepers are cachers so you’ll experience new places from a local
  4.  Discover places you never knew existed
  5. You can learn fun facts about Planet Earth

And 5 reasons to Geocache as the Seasons change

  1. Trails are less traveled
  2. There may be more affordable travel options
  3. Enjoy the View: As the seasons transition temperatures can vary and lead to some stunning landscapes
  4. The changing weather means that you may have a sneak peek of summer sunshine in spring, or could indulge in ski or snowshoe caching in autumn!
  5.  A chance to get some lower elevation caches

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