McKenzie River Koosah Falls

Koosah falls-photo by mary pellegrini

Oregon has your 2020 Travel Trends Covered

Expedia released, in November, its 2020 Trends in Travel report, an analysis of U.S. traveler data in 2019 that highlighted the rise of natural wonders and college towns as tourism destinations and top-selling experiences and attractions for the year ahead.

2020 Travel Trends waiting for you

Travelers were chasing waterfalls in 2019: According to Wiki are at least 238 accessible waterfalls in Oregon. A search for Oregon waterfalls on Northwest Waterfall survey resulted in 1591! Wouldn’t it be grand to witness the beauty of every one of them?

Silver Falls State Park is the largest state park in Oregon and only 20 miles southeast of Salem, our state capital with 9,000+ acres that includes more than 24 miles of walking trails, 14 miles of horse trails, and a 4-mile bike path. And 18 waterfalls! The 8.7-mile Trail of Ten Falls runs along the banks of Silver Creek and has 4 walk behind falls.

Hidden beaches up and down the Oregon Coast: Make your visit to the Oregon coast memorable and special with a stay in one of our member bed and breakfasts along “The Peoples Coast, one of 7 Wonders of Oregon

Natural wonders? Yep, we have quite a few. We invite you to not just see Oregon’s 7 Wonders, but experience them. And there are so many more than just Seven. They aren’t just for taking pictures. You really need to get out of the car, hike down from the scenic vista and feel them beneath your feet.

Small college towns near outdoor attractions like hiking and biking trails grew in popularity in 2019. The type of places where there’s energy and stimulation, great restaurants, where you can walk around at night and where there are tons of outdoor recreation options. Here are the best college towns in Oregon for 2019 highlighting those that have member inns of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild:

Activities and attractions are often the top considerations when travelers are choosing where to go and where to stay. Oregon is a beautiful state with stunning natural and architectural wonders. If you are planning a trip anywhere this year, take a few minutes to consider these places to visit in Oregon.