Lavender Daze

Keep Calm. Wash Your Hands. And Book Direct

Contemplating travel right now is confusing and frankly quite frightening. Peruse the web and you’ll oodles of advice from experts on how to navigate the changing landscape.

It’s obvious the innkeepers of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild work in the travel industry and cleanliness has always been a high priority for our guests, our innkeepers and our employees. Our inns are inspected regularly by the State Health Departments and we inspect ourselves to make sure we’re following the guidelines presented by them. Food handler cards are a must and we’ve always taken pride in our cleanliness. Most all of us have instituted some new protocols in our inns, going above the practices we have in place:

One inn has replaced community cookie jars with individual jars in each guest room. Another added a little sanitation center at the front door with wipes and some bottled water. One tried to buy some jars of hand sanitizers but, of course, they were sold out so she made her own. Placed them in the rooms and guests are loving them. Used these wipes to wipe down every surface, keys, remotes, etc., and the rooms smell wonderful! Individually plated meals instead of family style. Some have brought in extra cleaning detail workers and are disinfecting surfaces continually.

So Keep Calm and Stay with Us!¬† And here, I’ll put in a little jingle about Book Direct. As small business owners we are already starting to feel the ripple effect of this health scare. Our innkeepers truly appreciate your direct bookings. When you commit to booking direct, you will enjoy many perks and amenities that you would not have access to when booking through a travel agency. Not to mention, you will almost always pay less and stay in some very sanitized inns.

We can’t guarantee you’ll not catch a travel bug but we’re doing everything in our power to make sure you don’t catch anything from us. Thank you for your trust in the inns of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild. We will continue to provide the relaxing, comfortable, and immaculately clean solitude our guests expect and appreciate.