National Banana Split Day

National Banana Split Day August 25

National Banana Split Day August 25

Banana Split for breakfast?  How about this healthy, delicious and nutritious variation from the Old Parkdale Inn Bed and Breakfast? Oatmeal Breakfast Banana Split is a fun breakfast recipe that will kickstart your day with the energy you’ll need to power through exploring Oregon.

You’ll need about one cup of prepared oatmeal for each ‘split’.  Use your favorite oatmeal recipe making sure it’s on the thicker side. You’ll be using a cookie or ice cream scoop to scoop into banana

  • Slice the banana lengthwise and lay in your bowl
  • Drop two or three scoops of oatmeal onto banana
  • Add fresh fruit.  Try peaches, pears , apples, and berries
  • Top with a tablespoon or two of Greek Yogurt
  • Sprinkle chocolate chips, hemp hearts and chia seeds
  • Drizzle with maple syrup or any fruit syrup
  • Don’t forget the Cherry on Top

The great thing about this meal is you can top this banana split oatmeal with whatever you like. In the Hood River Valley we have an abundance of berries, cherries, stone fruit, apples and pears. Try some fall flavors with pumpkin puree and seeds. Or go tropical with mangos, pineapple and oranges. The options are virtually endless.

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