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Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon Scenic Byway

Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon in the US.

Start planning your Oregon Road Trip. Oregon has more designated scenic byways and tour routes than any other state.  The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild is the only State B&B Association and a welcoming inn awaits you as you travel the backroads. Thanks to Travel Oregon and the Oregon Department of Transportation for sharing this information.

Listed in an article of the deepest, longest, tallest, etc., record-setting places to visit in the US are two Oregon Locations:  the deepest canyon, Hells Canyon and the deepest lake, Crater Lake which will be mentioned in a future Scenic Back Road blog.  Both are also listed as one of the 7 Wonder of Oregon.  Oregon geotourism at its finest!

‘A Mile-Deep Gorge and Two-Mile-High Mountains. Oregon’s northeast corner has always been wild and untamed. From the unfathomable depths of Hells Canyon to the 10,000-foot peaks of the Wallowas, much of it remains inaccessible. The middle of this incredible drive is usually closed by snow from October through May.

Joseph is the premier small town for art and culture and is home to art galleries, unique shops, interesting restaurants and the delightful Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast, a member of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild.  The Bronze Antler features three cozy guestrooms and a modern Asian Suite with many upscale amenities.

Surrounded by an acre of lawns and gardens and bordered by the Wallowa River, the garden setting of Belle Pepper’s Bed and Breakfast is as lovely as the home.  The inn is located just one block from Joseph’s charming main street.

Winter and spring guests will enjoy unencumbered snowmobiling, snowshoeing and backcountry skiing opportunities.  But if it’s the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway you’d like to travel now’s the time to start planning your summer trip.  A reminder:  The center section of the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway is seasonal – it usually closes in early November and doesn’t open again until May or June depending on the snowpack.  If you’re planning to drive entire Byway, check in with the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Office at (541)426-4978 or 426-5546 or by visiting their website.

Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild is ready to share Oregon with you: it’s environment, culture, and heritage. Combine gracious hospitality with ambiance at an inspected and approved Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild member Inn.

Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse to sweep across 14 states in 2017.  Are you an Eclipse-Chaser and do you have your accommodations reserved?

A Total Solar Eclipse will occur in America for the first time in 26 years and it will sweep across Oregon, first touching land at a rocky spot of ground just north of Newport at about 10:15 in the morning on August 21, 2017. This lucky little piece of earth will experience a full minute and fifty seconds of totality.

This total solar eclipse is the first on American soil since 1991, the first to sweep across the entire country since 1918, and the first on the mainland since 1979.  It will be spectacular and people from all over the world will converge on the United States. Eclipse-chasers are already making a plans to position themselves in a spot carefully chosen to ensure they see the the most beautiful celestial event on the planet.  Just ask the innkeeper at the Baker City Blue Door Inn.  She has already booked eclipse-chasers from the UK, making the trip to Oregon to observe one of the most spectacular things they might ever see in their lives.

The actual centerline of the eclipse path hits solid ground a 10:21 am and plunges Lincoln Beach and Depoe Bay into darkness for 1 minute and 58 seconds!  It will only take about two minutes for the shadow to race eastward toward cities in the Willamette Valley, each experiencing various durations of totality.  Salem is the first of 5 state capitals the shadow will visit and lucky viewers will be treated to 1 minute and 54 seconds of shadow just after 10:17am.

The eclipse continues traveling east through the forests of the Oregon Cascades, reaching Madras at about 10:19 before crossing the high deserts of Central Oregon.  And at about 11:25 am the shadow leaves Oregon just north of Ontario, continuing its journey through 13 more states.

Many inns of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild will be in the path of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  I’ve linked their cities throughout this blog. Contact one to see how close they are to the shadows path.

The innkeepers of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild are ready to share with you their version of Oregon Culinary Tourism and Geotourism.  Get to know our State like a local; stay with one of our nearly 100 hosts in any one of our many regions. Experience romantic getaways, historic treasures, and tucked away rustic retreats.  Whether your trip is for a quiet escape to a quaint rural or coastal town, taking in Oregon Geotourism, for a World Class City experience, or for a new spin on business travel, you can be assured of combining gracious hospitality with ambiance by staying at an inspected and approved Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild member Inn.