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Are you about ready to hit the road? In Oregon it’s about the journey as much as the destination. And the destinations are pretty great here. Go ahead, take a look around

There’s no shortage of things to do in Oregon! And the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild would like to help you start planning your amazing Oregon Vacation. Not sure where to begin? We’ve created a bucket list of authentic Oregon experiences for you.

How many of these authentic Oregon experiences would you like to discover? How many can you check off your list while you’re here? How many more can you add?

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Bucket List
  • Put your feet in the ruts left by pioneer wagons on the Oregon Trail
  • Sample your way through one of the nine Oregon Food Trails
  • Climb the stairs of an Oregon lighthouse
  • Munch on some Oregon hazelnuts (99% of US hazelnuts are grown here)
  • Pedal along one of Oregon’s 17 Scenic Bikeways
  • Find your new favorite wine at one of our 700 wineries
  • Recreate your favorite movie scene at a local movie site
  • Feel the mist of an Oregon waterfall on your face
  • Experience the joy of staying at a local bed and breakfast
  • Buy something you gotta have – tax free!
  • Count the whales along the Pacific Ocean
  • Drive one of the beautiful byways
  • Dig for fossils along the hills
  • _________________________
  • _________________________

Click here to print your own Oregon Bucket List!

The Oregon trail of Waterfalls represents countless hours, many sketches, and endless conversations to help make your next Oregon road trip one to remember. We look forward to seeing you soon. Please complete the form below to receive your free limited edition map now, while supplies last! If you prefer to view a digital version of the map or if you’re outside the U.S. or Canada, click here.

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NEXT: Click on each image below to create your own epic Oregon road trip! Click here to view a digital map with interactive links.

We look forward to hearing how many items you cross off your Oregon Bucket List!