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Contact:  Wynn Salisch  Casablanca Ventures

205 West 104th Stree #4E
New York, NY 10025

Phone:  203-253-7259

Casablanca was started 15 years ago as a payments industry merchant advocate to rescue friends and associates from fast-talking merchant services salespeople claiming to offer savings but leaving them with hidden high costs, confusing fees, and poor service.  The company provides analysis, education and solutions in payments and data security and works with dozens of top-notch providers around the world to find the best solutions for their clients' specific needs with maximum savings, service and security.  With its origins in hospiality, the company is completely focused on giving its clients exceptional customer service, which has resulted in the highest client loyalty rate in the payments industry.  Casablanca's help is always completly free and without obligation. 

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