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March 10 & 11, Red Lion Internet
Intensives from Acorn Internet Services and on March 9


Monday, March 9 - Pre-Conference Intensive Workshops
** 8-9, Registration
** 9-Noon, Do You Know what you Don’t Know? Uncovering the Secrets of a Superior Online Presence!
Don’t Miss Out on this MUST HAVE Internet Intensive Workshop
Marketing Information every Innkeeper Must Know to Survive in today’s Online Economy
Presented by: Lisa Kolb, President and Co-Founder of Acorn Internet Services, Inc.
**Registration Deadline for this session is February 24th. If you register after this date, you will not receive a personalized report at the beginning of the session. As a Pre-conference workshop, there is an additional cost to this session. See Pricing Details below.**

Are you meeting and exceeding your Revenue Goals for your Inn? If not – this Internet Intensive session is designed just for YOU! We will be providing Tips and How-To’s to better build your online presence and improve your bottom line.
Not sure if this class is for you? Take a moment and complete the 7 Question Quiz below. If find yourself answering “I don’t know” to any of the questions, I highly encourage you to register for this Internet Intensive session!

?? Q1: Are you aware of all the places in Google that your guests look for you? ~~ Google is the #1 deliverer of THE MOST Search Engine Traffic to Innkeeper websites. Your business will be displayed differently, and in a different placement order for each of these places.
• Maps
• Hamburger Pack / "The Old" Carousel
• Local
• Organic
• Paid
• Mobile Search
• Apps
?? Q2: Does your Inn show up in each and every one of these places, at least somewhere on the first page of results? ~~ When you search on your city + bed and breakfast search phrases?
?? Q3: Do you know what % of your business is coming from guests using a mobile device? ~~ US average is over 30% of Inn Website traffic is Mobile.
?? Q4: Are you providing a quality mobile experience for your guests? ~~ Have you searched for your website on a mobile device in the past week, did you have the new "Mobile-Friendly" tag?
?? Q5: Is your website meeting Google’s Guidelines? ~~ Did you even know Google tells you how to best build a website and exactly what to include in it?
?? Q6: Does your website pass Google’s testing tools? ~~ Did you even know Google gives you FREE online tools to tell you if your site is meeting their guidelines?
?? Q7: Have you lost placement (and seen a decrease in bookings) since July 24, 2014? ~~ When Google released is latest algorithm update called Pigeon.

Come and find out if you “Know what you don’t Know”, because this is the marketing knowledge that will either make or break your business!

Acorn University Students: No additional charge. OBBG Member: $40 for one attendee, $20 for 2nd from same inn.
Non-OBBG Member: $60 for 1st attendee, $40 for 2nd from same inn.


** 1-4, Internet Intensive brought to you by (Free - separate registration posted soon)
• 1:00pm What's new at
Hear from past innkeeper and newly returned member of Janice Hurley, and get an update on what we've accomplished in 2014 and what's coming down the pipeline in 2015.
• 1:45pm Yield management - pricing and promoting your rooms
From ADR to RevPar to yield management and beyond, learn how to maximize your income by varying your rates, adjusting minimum/maximum stays, cancellation policies and more.
• 2:30pm Snacks!
• 2:45pm: Top trends in technology and travel and what's new at RezOvation Software
Learn the latest in reservation, booking and occupancy trends and technology and travel trends. Walk away from this session with a broad awareness of guest booking tendencies, including the ratio of reservations made online vs. offline, the time of day when reservations are made, and many more statistics. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about RezOvation Web and to discover how to attract more travelers to your inn by staying abreast of the latest technology trends.

** 4:30-5:30, OBBG Board Meeting
** 6-?, No-Host Dinners at area restaurants


Tuesday, March 10
** 7-9, Registration
** 8-9, Continental Breakfast

** 8:30-9:30, Annual Meeting, Kristin and the Board will present the 2015 Budget which encompasses our vision for where we will be taking OBBG and the new Board structure which will include Regional Representatives

** 9:45-10:45, 2015 Traveler Trends
Janice Hurley,
What do travelers want when booking travel accommodations and how can I provide what they want without breaking the bank? Learn about upcoming traveler trends and how you can be ahead of the curve.

** 11-noon, What Google Wants: Mobile, Desktop and More!
Lisa Kolb, Acorn Internet Services Inc.
With releases such Panda, Penguin and Pigeon, and Google's newest "Mobile-Friendly" tag everyone is asking: what’s next? What matters to Google now? We will be covering the most prominent topics, testing tools and guidelines on Google’s radar at the time of the session. The complexity of today's Website Design goes beyond just the visual appeal of your Website. The underlying code must meet Google’s guidelines but at the same time provide a highly effective experience for both Mobile and Desktop users.

** Noon-2:30, lunch in the Vendor Hall

** 2:30-3:30, Content is King: Blogging is Your Tool!
Pat McCauley, InsideOut Solutions
Creating content does not have to be a scary exercise in futility. In this session, you will learn how to write for the search engine and the reader. And please both target audiences. Some topics covered: Researching topics of interest. Creating a blogging calendar. Writing in the slow season to post later. Optimizing our blog post for the search engines. Redistributing your post for the best reach.

** 3:30-5, Dessert in the Vendor Hall sponsored by

** 6-8:30, Tour and Dinner at Willamette Valley Vineyards

Our Menu
*all gluten-free except for rolls and Carrot Cake
•Farm Fresh Greens, Feta Cheese, Pickled Onion, Toasted Hazelnut, Coriander Vinaigrette
•Sweet Chile Grilled Broccolini
•Corn & Edamame Succotash
•Garlic Herb Flank Steak
•Stuffed Pork Lion with Blue Cheese & Hazelnut
•Flourless Chocolate Torte
•Honey Maple Carrot Cake

Your experience comes with 2 glasses of wine throughout the evening, more available for purchase.


Wednesday, March 11
** 7:30-8:30, Continental Breakfast

** 8:30-9:30, Bringing the International Traveler to You
Fred Wickman, Prospect Historic Hotel-Motel and Dinner House
Wouldn’t you like to tap into a new market? Wouldn’t it be nice to benefit from a strong Euro? Working with International Travel Agencies takes a little bit of time and patience, but the end results can mean a higher occupancy and RevPar for you. Learn how to establish relationships and host international travelers from an innkeeper who knows the ropes.

** 9:45-10:45, Web-based Tools to Skyrocket your Business
Richard Aday, ThinkReservations
Sometimes the simplest question is the most important: "Why?" In this presentation we'll expose you to new tools and explain why they work for you and your business. We'll talk about Yield Management, Task Management, Channel Management, and much, much more. Come and learn the "why" behind the features that will unify, automate and make every part of your business more profitable and productive.

** 10:15-11:15, Will the Real AirBnB Please Stand up?
Steven Unger, The Lion and the Rose Victorian B&B Inn
The Sharing Economy is here and it’s here to stay. We will examine both the positive and negative aspects of AirBnB, focusing on public policy issues based on recent experience in Portland and other cities. We will also look at some of the tactical issues involved in helping your locality in developing and implementing “short-term rental” policies.

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Some of our vendors include:
Deneen Pottery
RezOvation by HomeAway Software
Comphy Company
Acorn Internet Services
Natural Felt
and more...


Some Pricing Details

Pricing includes Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Tuesday and Continental Breakfast on Wednesday

AND... Your OBBG Mug made by Deneen Pottery!

$149 OBBG Member
$119 OBBG Member, second registrant from same inn
$179 Non-OBBG Member
$149 Non-OBBG Member, second registrant from same inn

Monday Intensive Workshop Pricing

$40 OBBG Member for Morning Acorn Class
$20 OBBG Member, 2nd registrant, same inn for Morning Acorn Class
$60 Non-OBBG Member for Morning Acorn Class
$40 Non-OBBG Member, 2nd registrant, same inn - Morning Acorn Class
Free Afternoon Class

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All Sessions and the Vendor Hall will be at the Red Lion Hotel
3301 Market St NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Red Lion
•3301 Market St NE, Salem
•$75/night for 2 queens or one king and one queen
•Includes coupon for breakfast in the restaurant
•For reservations, call (503) 370-7888, ask for the "Block for OBBG"

Century House of Salem B&B
•292 17th St. SE, Salem, (approx. 5 minute drive from Red Lion)
•Jean is offering $75/night, no breakfast rate
•For reservations, call 503-884-7062


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