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Red at WAAAM

WAAAM Museum: Nestled in the Hood River valley along the Columbia River Gorge you will find the opportunity to step back in time and see life as it was in the era of early flight and transportation. The Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum (WAAAM) is a living museum dedicated to preserving transportation’s golden past. WAAAM honors the memory of early aviators from the first and second war, barnstormers, air mail and early transportation.

WAAAM is proud to have the largest known collection of flying 3 cylinder radial engine aircraft. Within the next year we hope to have the largest collection of flying OX-5 Aircraft. We currently have 5 flying with one more being restored in the next year. One of our OX-5 flying aircraft is a very rare and very original 1917 Curtiss JN4D Jenny. This museum fleet includes many other flying antique aircraft making it one of the largest flying in the world today. This museum also brings a unique and rare collection of other Aircraft, Automobiles, Propellers, Aircraft Engines, Aircraft Instruments, Military Jeeps, Tools of War and other interesting artifacts.

While visiting the Columbia River Gorge choose an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild member inn for the perfect Mt Hood Bed and Breakfast.  If you fly in our innkeepers will gladly taxi you to and from the airport.

Don’t miss WAAAM’s biggest event of the year.  The Annual WAAAM Fly-in will be held September 12-13, 2015 at the Hood River Ken Jernstedt Airfield.  Many of the museum planes are flown around the Hood River Valley.  Plane rides, Food, Activities and more.