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OBBG offers a wide variety of inns, from a small guest cottage or two-room bed and breakfast to a larger country inn or small historic hotel. No two inns are alike. Some guests may prefer a smaller bed and breakfast for a quiet romantic getaway, while others may want a larger urban country inn or small hotel that serves dinner. To help you better understand the range of offerings, we include these definitions and distinctions modified from The Professional Association of Innkeepers International.


  • Bed and Breakfast: Formerly a single family dwelling usually in the 2-5 room range, this owner-occupied establishment has an equally mixed use as home and lodging with lodging superseding home more often than not.
  • Bed and Breakfast Inn: Generally a small, owner occupied inn. The building’s primary usage is lodging. Breakfast is the only meal served and only to overnight guests. The inn may host events such as weddings, small business meetings, etc. Room numbers range from 4 to 20.
  • Country Inn or Bed and Breakfast Hotel: These inns offer over-night lodging and meals where the owner or manager is actively involved in daily operations, and is on site 24-hours a day. These establishments generally serve at least one meal in addition to breakfast, and operate as "restaurants" as well as overnight lodging accommodations. Room numbers tend to range from 6 to 30.

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