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*Fees waived are the $100 application fee and $100 marketing fee for inns that apply and have all paperwork in by March 31, 2022 and inspection done by April 30, 2022.

The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild's website is an online directory exclusively of approved and inspected Oregon B&Bs.  All guests book directly with you and - unlike online travel agents - OBBG never takes a commission.  At OBBG, our main goal is to help our member inns grow their business through:

1.  Marketing: We have this awesome website where guests can use many different paths to find your inn.  We get them on the site with current techniques that include maintaining a high Google organics rating, our blog posts which are distributed on social media, and print media like our statewide-distributed Rack Card.

2.  Networking: We’ve got several ways, like a private Facebook forum and Regional meetings, to connect with other innkeepers who know what your crazy job is like and can help when you run into something new.

3.  Advocacy: As the only statewide Bed & Breakfast association, we represent B&Bs to Travel Oregon, ORLA, the Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism and to the national B&B associations, AIHP and PAII.

4.  Education: Technology is an important part of our businesses and it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. We host an annual conference where we bring in hospitality partners who teach us the latest and greatest in technology and hospitality.


Although we have a lengthy checklist for our Quality Assurance, membership requirements for OBBG are not tough. We are looking for the guests’ safety and comfort, adequate insurance, and legal standing in all appropriate jurisdictions regarding licensing and taxes. Even though B&Bs with one or two rooms are exempt from some of these requirements from the state’s point of view, we ask that all of our member inns meet them. Since some might not be familiar with the requirements, let me assure you that it does not include things like commercial kitchen standards. We are looking for sanitizing cycles on residential dishwashers, thermometers in refrigerators and the like. Innkeepers have even said the inspections were a great learning experience.

 Sound like something you’d like to get in on?  Check out our Membership Application Download and Quality Assurance Guideline

Costs include a one-time $100.00 application and inspection fee and a one-time $100 marketing fee.  Annual dues are $219.00 plus $40.00 per room up to seven rooms.  Although we allow membership of inns exceeding seven rooms there are no additional fees for these rooms.  Dues are prorated to the month the membership process is complete.

If you have questions about the inspection or other requirements, please reach out with a phone call or email.

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