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3 of the Best Hikes in Oregon

Want to know what are the best hikes in Oregon? That’s a tricky question… there are many incredible places to hike in Oregon and each has its own unique charm.

So, after much thought, we’ve created a list of the three best hikes in Oregon based on specific interests. There are many, many, more but consider these a starting point for your next adventure:

Best Oregon Hike for Photography: Watchman Peak Trail 
Located in the Crater Lake National Park, the very top of the Watchman Peak Trail at the Watchman Overlook is the place to be. While the trail is steep it’s short (approximately 3-hours round trip) hike and there are places to catch your breath along the way. Those who make the trek to the Overlook will be rewarded by an incredible view of Crater Lake. The trail does close seasonally. It’s best to go between June and October. Bring your camera! Learn more here.

Best Hike in Oregon for History Buffs: Fort Stevens
This 4,300-acre park near Astoria, Oregon, is one of the nation’s largest campgrounds and a must-see destination for history buffs. It has much to offer, including beach-combing, a freshwater lake, trails, wildlife, and a historic shipwreck. Fort Stevens was built near the end of the Civil War to protect the Columbia River. It is also the site of a military installation once used to guard the mouth of the Columbia River from Confederate ships. The fort was in service for 84 years — up until World War II. Learn more here.

Best Hike for Bird Watching: Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge
If you’re into bird watching, grab your binoculars and head to the Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge just south of Salem. To date, more than 230 different types of birds have been spotted in the area. While there are two easily accessible boardwalk routes, you’re likely to see more birds at the Pintail and Egret Marsh Boardwalk, especially if you hike further into the interior ponds where the shorebirds like to hang out. Learn more here.

Our Oregon Trail of Waterfalls map leads you on an Oregon road trip to remember. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Which of these best hikes in Oregon was your favorite?

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