Pear Orchards in the Upper Hood River Valley ~ photo credit Old Parkdale Inn

Oregon Leaf Peepers will not be Disappointed

Oregon Leaf Peepers are sure to enjoy the vibrant fall colors. As fall arrives, days shorten, temperatures cool, and intense sun softens behind slate-gray cloud cover.

Oregon Leaf Peepers have come to expect a stunning fall color show and this year’s changing of the seasons will not disappoint as a variety of deciduous trees begin to change against a bold evergreen background.

Typically one can expect the Willamette Valley peak color change to happen during the third week in October. The higher you go in the Cascade Mountains the earlier the color change. Road passes often peak 10 days to two weeks earlier than the lower elevations.

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photo credit: Youngberg Hills

The earliest fall color display happens in the Wallowa Mountains and northeast region of Oregon, peaking the first part of October.

The travel blog from the Eugene Cascades Coast website will guide you to Oregon’s Brilliant Fall Leaves

When and Where do Leaves change color in Oregon?

Oregon’s peak color is mid-October, starting with a golden blush in the first weeks of September and lingering into early November. You may wish to keep tabs on changes by calling the inns of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild for color updates in their region

Trees at higher elevations change first, so you’ll note that the Cascades, Bend and the coastal range will start showing the signs of fall first. Much of the eastern part of Oregon is high desert while the Willamette Valley is lower elevation.

Plan your Leaf Peeping in Oregon

Begin planning your Fall Foliage Tour, first by choosing a region, then by calling an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild inn and asking when the peak near them will occur. We may not hit it right on but since we live and play in our regions we have a pretty good idea what’s happening around us.

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