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5 Best Outdoor Activities in Oregon

If you’re tired of being cooped up, here are the best outdoor activities in Oregon where you can linger and explore… and you’re unlikely to find crowds! If you want to revel in the great outdoors and have a great time, here are the top five picks from locals in-the-know.

1. Go Chase Waterfalls

One of the best outdoor activities, particularly on a hot day, is to hike to a waterfall and feel the cool mist on your face. You’ll get a workout, soak in some Vitamin-D, and marvel at the beauty of nature. Not sure which waterfall or where to begin? Request this free map to Oregon’s most stunning waterfalls or view the digital version online here.

2. Cycle Along an Oregon Bike Trail

Did you know Oregon has the ONLY Scenic Bikeway program in the United States? There are 17 scenic bikeways in Oregon! Get ready to ride across desert highways, pedal past geological wonders, and marvel at the sea.

Oregon loves bicyclists. That’s why it’s the first state in the nation to create a Bike Friendly Business program geared toward travelers. And many of the inns with the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild participate. It serves as a recognition and training program aimed to:

  • Help tourism-related businesses understand the importance of Oregon’s growing bicycle tourism industry
  • Provide tips and tools for how businesses can be Bike Friendly
  • Highlight businesses who commit to enhancing the Oregon biking experience for visitors and Oregonians

For a detailed list with information and useful links on all the Oregon bikeways, click here.

3. Nibble Your Way Across Oregon State

Visit farms, wineries, fruit stands, and more along the many Oregon food trails. Savor our various Indigenous foods. If you’d rather head to one destination with several food options, consider these Portland food cart pods or these food carts and food trucks dotting the state. While you’re at it, check out our many wineries and vineyards!

4. Reenact Scenes from Oregon Movies

Did you know that many movies have been filmed in Oregon over the years? It’s true! We also have the Oregon Film Trail, a film museum, and lots of movie locations you can scout first-hand. Some have plaques to commemorate movie scenes and others are more on the down-low. Learn more about Oregon movie locations you may visit here!

5. Put Your Feet in Ruts Left by Pioneer Wagons

Visit various outdoor historical sites and brush up on your Pioneer history in a really fun and engaging way.

Looking for more ideas on unique things to do in Oregon? Click here to print an Oregon Bucket List and check the items off as you go!

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We look forward to seeing your photos from your outdoor activities in Oregon!