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5 Fun and Quirky Facts About Oregon

Here are five fun and quirky facts about Oregon that most people don’t know.

pinterest pin llama talking 5 facts about OregonThere’s a Llama to Love
Did you know that Oregon residents own 25% of the total llama population in the whole United States? Most of the llamas are in Clackamas county, though they’re closely followed by Washington, Yamhill and Marion counties. You can even invite a llama to attend your special event in Oregon — all dressed up!

Portland, Oregon, Got its Name with the Flip of a Coin
Portland’s got its name in a coin toss. Yep. If the coin had landed on its other side, the city would have been named Boston instead. The momentous flip happened in 1845 when two politicians, originally from New England — Asa Lovejoy from Massachusetts and Francis Pettygrove from Maine — each wanted to respectively name the city Boston and Portland. The coin went up and it was all decided as it came down.

Crater Lake is the Deepest Lake in the United States
Located in south-central Oregon, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in all of the United States and one of the top 10 deepest lakes in the world. Crater Lake is is famous for its water clarity and deep blue color. The lake was formed when a volcano collapsed more than 7700 years ago. Crater Lake is approximately 2,000 ft deep. It’s home to two islands: Wizard Island (a cinder cone near the western shore) and Phantom Ship (a natural rock pillar near the southern shore).

The Oregon Flag has TWO designs

The Oregon flag is the only state flag that has a different design on each side. The front of the Oregon flag has the escutcheon from the state seal in blue and gold. The other side of the flag has a gold beaver, the state animal. See the flag here.

The Largest Living Thing on Earth is in Oregon
Can you guess what it is? it’s a GIGANTIC mushroom! More specifically, it’s a specific honey fungus and measures more than 2-miles across. You’ll find in Oregon’s Blue Mountains.

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