Coconut French Toast

Coconut French Toast with a Tropical Twist

Coconut French Toast with a Tropical Twist

Coconut French Toast with a Tropical Twist has become a favorite of guests at The Carlton Inn Bed and Breakfast in Carlton, Oregon.  Once you’ve tried it you’ll know why!

Coconut French Toast
Makes 2-3 servings

Blend together:

1 large egg
¾ C coconut milk
1 Tbs sugar
½ teas vanilla

6 slices of stale baguette
Dip bread in egg mixture (let the bread soak for several seconds to a minute).  Dip in sweetened, shredded coconut and chopped almonds
Cook on a hot griddle lathered with 1 teas butter

Top with Maple syrup, sugar, jam, fresh fruit, almonds and/or Dark Chocolate Rum Sauce, this makes plenty, even if you double the French Toast recipe:

¾ C heavy cream
½ C dark brown sugar
4 oz unsweetened chocolate
¼ stick unsalted butter
1 ½ Tbs spiced rum
Pinch of salt
¼ teas vanilla

Combine the cream, sugar, chocolate, butter, rum, salt, and vanilla in a small saucepan and melt over medium-low heat until the chocolate is completely melted and combined. Use a whisk and stir constantly for best results.  Drizzle away!

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