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Children running through the Crimson Clover Fields
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Crimson Clover Fields in the Willamette Valley

Cover crops, also called green manure, are widely used in rotation with vegetables or field crops as a reseeding cover crop between rows in vineyards, berries, and fruit and nut orchards. Legumes, such as commonly used Crimson Clover are nitrogen “fixers.” Beneficial bacteria in legume root nodules take nitrogen from the air and supply it to the plant. When the cover crop decomposes, some of the nitrogen becomes available to other plants.

Benefits of using crimson clover as a cover crop include:
  • Nitrogen Fixation
  • Improve Soil Quality
  • Weed Suppression
  • Erosion Control
  • Atrracts Beneficial Insects
  • Builds Soil Organic Matter
  • Increases Moisture Holding Capacity
  • Reseeding potential in perennial systems

More than 95% of crimson clover seed in the United States is produced in western Oregon. The clover seeds grown in Oregon are primarily red, crimson, arrowleaf, and white or Ladino. Red, crimson, and arrowleaf clover seed is grown mostly in the north valley, Washington, Yamhill, and Polk counties. All that’s needed is to seed it in, water a couple of times until the rains start, it’s left through winter and dug or tilled in the spring.

Few sights are more vibrant and beautiful than blankets of blooming crimson clover across the landscape. Take a scenic drive along the backroads in search of the Crimson Clover Fields now through July. Better yet, get an insider tip from your hosts at a Willamette Valley Bed and Breakfast.

Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild is ready to share Oregon with you: it’s environment, culture, and heritage. Combine gracious hospitality with ambiance at an inspected and approved Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild member Inn.

Hospitality Update: Our inns are following COVID-19 protocol guidance from the Oregon Health Authority. 

Although mask guidelines are lifted:

● Some businesses may choose to still require masks.

● Some people may choose to still wear a mask.

We have all struggled through COVID-19 and could use a little kindness. Please be respectful of local businesses and their workers and most importantly kind to yourself.

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