windmills of sherman county

Windmills of Sherman County GC1X205 The Windmills of Sherman County, GC1X205, is a geocache with expansive views of Oregon’s Windfarms.  Head east on I-84 out… [ Read More ]

Belle Peppers

Belle Pepper’s Bed and Breakfast Belle Pepper’s Bed and Breakfast, in the historic McCully Mansion, is surrounded by an acre of lawns and… [ Read More ]

Kiyokawa Family Orchards

Kiyokawa Family Orchards in the Hood River Valley Hanner’s Jumbo.  Zestar.  Hokutoi.  Sansa.  Ever heard of these apples?  How about Butter, Mederis, or Cascade… [ Read More ]

Summer Adventures Oregon Ski Areas

Summer Adventures and Events Happen at an Oregon Ski Area Winter snow sports shift into Summer adventures and events at an Oregon Ski… [ Read More ]